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>>>>>Thank you and we hope to share as much information with everyone in the community as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the admins or moderators if you need some help and advice.
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Re: Welcome to myBTCforum!

Postby Ultimatebtc » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:13 am

Welcome to mybtcforum! Look below for more info about the forum.

Forum Tips
Introductory threads: If you feel the need to post an introduction thread please take the effort to write something substantial or don't bother at all. Threads and post that contain only one word/sentence such as "hello & welcome to the forum" will be removed without warning as it causes unnecessary clutter.

General threads: A General thread will contain relevant information related to the question/subject of the title. Duplicate threads related to this question/subject are not allowed, so please refrain from creating them. General threads are supposed to be informational and reposting similar information multiple times is not allowed.

Watch list: theymos (the forum admin) explains how to use Watchlist. This feature makes it easy to keep track of threads you have posted in.

Trust list:
Read up on the trust system in this thread. It is also suggested to read: Trust Vocabulary. If you have questions about it, ask them over here.

Forum rules: For all forum rules checkout this thread: Unofficial list of (official) myBTCforum rules, guidelines, FAQ
Reports: If you notice someone breaking the rules, please use the 'report to moderator' feature found on the right side of their post. Alternatively, you could contact one of the moderators directly.

Other important information
Do not trust people! Check out for some good reasoning.

This thread has some solid security protocols.

Don't make threads or posts solely for putting up referral links, that's what signatures are for.

Be careful with PayPal, deepceleron's thread does a good job explaining why PayPal is bad to use when exchanging bitcoins.
Want to know how to create a really secure wallet? Check out this thread for a good guide.

There's a lot of weird terminology, this thread is a good guide.
If you're looking for free bitcoin giveaways, check out the games and rounds subforum. WARNING: It does contain gambling as well. Altcoin giveaways are not allowed! Checkout this thread for more information Giveaway threads are not allowed.

A warning about Alt-Coins: Almost all of the alt-coins out there are going to be a waste of time. They're being created to take advantage of people who get super excited about different things and then get pumped and dumped. Be careful about wasting time with too many alt coins. Be careful about downloading files, seems like there's plenty of wallet stealers around hidden as alt coin miners. You can find more good information in this post, and you should also read this thread: Beware of Increasingly Sophisticated Malware Infection Attempts

More detailed information

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